About Us

SaiKav (Pty) Ltd is a proudly South African based company who imports and exports canned food products. We are 100% BEE compliant in both management structure and operation. The two sole female shareholders are also the directors and hence have a vested interest in the success of the business.


Our first product launched, is a niche product called ‘Split Pea – Dhall in a Can’. Our product is niche as it is not part of the Heat and Eat range of foods that have been launched over the last few years and tremendously cuts down the preparation time for professionals, housewives, restaurants and take-aways. Our product is available in a can and has been pre-boiled so little preparation is required.


Both directors being professionals as well as working mums saw a niche in this market when discovering how easy and quick dhall is now prepared and believe that  a need exists in today’s South African  market for a product such as SaiKav’s Dhall in a Can.


Our Mission Statement


SaiKav’s mission statement is never to compromise on quality. We aim to bring to the market a new brand and a line of products that will be a must have on your monthly shopping list.


Our Guarantee


Our products are of the finest quality and we guarantee the most superior quality products. All our products are sold with a Money Back guarantee if you are not entirely satisfied with the quality of our product.


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